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What happens on the sun…

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One of my top concerns that could cause a collapse or major disruption to our world as we know it is an electro-magnetic pulse as a result of a massive solar flare (coronal mass ejection) that would wipe out almost all electronics and cause catastrophic chaos in cities (see my previous post on EMP).  So, I follow a few different websites that monitor solar activity.  My favorite is solarwatcher.net (and coming in second is spaceweather.com).    One thing that I learned from solarwatcher is that solar activity can be the cause or contributing factor for volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  In fact, Joe will sometimes predict if there will be volcanic or earthquake activity due to solar activity.

So, just a few days ago, Joe posted a video for an “X1.9 Class Flare/Solar Watch Nov 4, 2011” with the subtitle: “X1.9 FLARE !! Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X2-class solar flare. The source is huge sunspot AR11339. The strong X1.9 Solar Flare was recorded at 20:46 UTC Thursday evening. associated with this flare was an R3 Level Radio Blackout and a 10cm Radio Burst and a Peak Flux of 620 solar flux units”

So, this morning (Sunday,  Nov. 6, 2011), I wake up, get my coffee and check Drudge Report to see the headlines for the day (IOW, to see if the world has collapsed yet) and I see that Oklahoma and nearby states have been rocked by a record earthquake.

Earthquake headlines on Drudge for morning of November 6, 2011:

Strongest in state history

Felt in IL, KS, AR, TX … (MORE)…

‘Huge jolt, lasted for at least 45 seconds’…

My hope is that you will add solar activity to your list of “things to keep an eye on” as you prepare for a wide array of uncertain futures.  You can subscribe to solarwatcher’s YouTube channel so that you can be alerted every time Joe uploads a video.  Also, spaceweather has a texting alert system that will text you when something “interesting” is happening in space – that costs about $6/month.  I personally haven’t subscribed to the texting service yet so I cannot attest to its worth.

I want to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on solar activity and its effects on Earth?  Have solar flares been on your preparedness “radar”?  Do you have any websites that you follow for solar activity?

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