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Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh NO! Practicing Situational Awareness

A few days ago a man in Ohio who owned an array of exotic (and deadly) animals decided to release all of his animals and then he shot himself.   It made national news: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/19/deputies-hunt-big-game-on-the-loose-in-ohio/?hp

Folks around Zanesville, Ohio, had to worry about over 50 dangerous animals roaming around (including lions, tigers and bears) until the authorities shot and killed all of them.  Most of us are not thinking about lions wandering in our neighborhood. 

I practice situational awareness and I almost always conceal carry my pistol when I go out.  I live in town so I am more concerned with looking out for “bad guys” that I might need to defend myself and my children against.  This story just gives me more reasons to continue to be vigilant but to include also include looking out for any dangerous animals – including aggressive (or rabid) dogs on the loose and locally wild and [potentially] dangerous animals such as coyotes and foxes.

While trees aren’t usually considered dangerous to humans, I recently learned the importance of looking up when outside.  We found that a large branch in a tree in our backyard was dangling over an area where our kids place frequently.  It could have really hurt our children had it fallen on them.  Thankfully, hubby was able to bring it down safely.

Situational awareness is a habit that is so important to develop.  Get into the habit and teach your children while you are at it!  Make it a game with the kids.  Teach them to be still and observe their surrounding. 

I highly encourage you to listen to the following podcasts on situational awareness, especially those of you who are not in the habit of practicing situational awareness.



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